March 22, 2006

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Firefox Extentions

From time to time I look up cool Firefox extentions and publish my favorite. Today I have 5.

#1 — Web Developer. I think this is a key extention for firefox if you do any work with websites what so ever. It makes testing a whole gammet of things so much easier.

#2 — FasterFox. This is an extention that I just recently discovered. It seems to help load pages faster. There are complaints on the extention page of this breaking pages, but so far I haven’t had any issues.

#3 — User Agent Switcher. Again another very useful tool for testing websites, or getting around website stupidity. They allow for imports and exports of UA’s in XML format — but I couldnt find anyone with a more comprehensive list than the 3 built in UA’s — so I think I may have to make my own.

#4 — No-Referrer. Now I really like this one, because I cant count the number of times that I’ve had to copy links and paste them into new windows because I didnt want referrer information being carried. This is especially useful when reading slashdot because alot of times sites will block slashdot as a referring site.

#5 — Copy Link Name. Sometimes you just need to copy the link name, not the link itself. This extention makes copying the name much easier. Granted its not “hard” normally — but some websites can make it difficult.