April 16, 2006

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Easter Guns!

First off, happy Easter.

Second — went back to the range yesterday. Brian & Guu went with. Guu finally got off the P22 and tried some larger guns. Last weekend was the first time he shoot a hand gun, so he took his time, which is good. Gave him 9mm and 45’s to play with. Brian spent most of his time on his Glock 26, funny little gun.

We borrowed guns from the boss again. Mostly the same guns as before, but this time we had a 1911 (that worked) and the Sig Sauer P226. The 1911 was just another 45, I really wasn’t that big of a fan, mainly because the slide release is SO FAR up the gun that I can’t hit it with one hand (neither could the other guys). Besdies that one major problem, it shot reasonably well for me.

As for the Sig, I really really liked the Sig. The grip on the one was had was very ergonomic, and fit my hand well. The other this was the gun was silky smooth to shoot. I’m not sure exactly what it was, but there was alot less recoil felt. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one of thoes. Though first I think I’ll get a P99C or a Glock 26. Oh well, it’ll probably be a few months before I can afford another gun.

Again, happy easter everyone. We’re hiding white egg’s this year, cause we’ve already goteen 6-12 inches of snow today.