June 11, 2006

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Smart Pills

There was a link on slashdot to “A Dose Of Genius” that was a rather intresting read. It’s basically about how people are taking pills for ADHD etc, that are completly normal because it makes them “smarter”. I’ve personally never done any of this, and maybe thats why I’m an art major — but I digress. The studies conducted and mentioned in this article are intresting but what would really intrest me is the “real effects”, not what kids claim (placeboooooo). Someone do a study where you have kids take IQ, and related “intelegence”, tests before and after drugging to see if it makes a different. If so how much. And you have to have placebo’s in there to test that simple effect too. I’m rather sure that if a kid thinks he’s on a drug that makes him study harder — he will — to a small degree at least.

And while I’m generally against all this competition crap in schools, and drugging yourself just to get by… In an effect pills that make us smarter are the “next step” in evolution for humans. One say these kind of drugs will be included in our daily vitamins, I’m sure.