June 12, 2006

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Went to the range yesterday with the goupil. It was alot nicer out today than it was last time I went to the “reno” range (reno being relative as it is about 30mn north). Wasn’t nearly as windy. I ran about 200 rounds through my P99 and 300 or so through the P22. Goupil also used my guns as he hasn’t found his “perfect” gun yet. The P22 worked fine for the most part, but twoards the end there were a couple rounds that failed to feed. I think that the CCI Blazer that I use for plinking is complete crap. While I like CCI, as I do use CCI Stingers for “good carry” rounds, the Blazers are, I think, lead. And that lead is gunking up the feed ramp. Its annoying, but its the price I pay for only paying 2 cents a round (as upposed to the expensive stuff at 6 cents a round).

Oh and the Blazers seem to blow a rather large cloud of black smoke out with every shot. I’m not sure why, I’ve never noticed it before. Previously it was probably due to the wind — but it really sucked for Goupil who was down wind of me.