June 18, 2006

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New Toy

So So So, I went to Reno yesterday… And got me a new toy. I was looking for either a Kel-Tec PF9 or an XD9 SubCompact. I found one location that had an XD9 — and I really like the look and feel but I found an Kel-Tec P-11 which is almost as good. So… I got it. Shiny!

I’ll admit, the thing is purdy darned small. Its not as small as the P-3AT but for a 9mm its really nice. I went to the range right afterwards (With a new case of cheap 9mm). I have to say I really like the balance and shape of the gun. Also, it doesn’t hurt so damned much like the P-3AT. I put 50 rounds through before I started to feel it in my hand. This probably isn’t as bad for “vetran” shooters — but I’m not — I haven’t been shooting for years and years. It shot fairly good for me, for the first time. My aim generaly isn’t that amazing — but I was still impressed with its initiall accuracy.

Of course there is a belt clip for the gun, along with some other cool accessories. Also since the P-11 doesn’t have a threaded barrel, or a high cap mag…. its not an assault weapon in california. Yay!!! Of course I’ll have to buy a 12 round mag so the P-11 is also an assault weapon — because I can. Oh, and mentioning California… the CA certified for sale page doesn’t even list Kel-Tec’s. Makes ya wonder.