September 9, 2007

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The Monies

So lets be completely honest. All of a sudden there are advertisements on my blog. I’m playing around with them, with the design, with the content. This blog and all my sites are “living experiments”. So… Why Ads? Well two reasons. 1 — I want to make some money. Who Doesn’t? No, I’m not trying to turn my site into an advertising infested swamp, but I’d like to make a little money — after all I do have to pay for hosting. 2 — It is an interesting experiment. How hard is it? Does it work? Does it bother people? Etc.

So far, I’ve chosen two “non-evil” advertising methods. One is Google AdSense. Currently it has three spaces. Top left — Text link. Top Right — Small “Google Product” Image (I chose to display only Google Products there, AdSense, Apps for your Domain, etc). Bottom Right — Text Only “Tower” Ad. The top right/left and really small and non-bothersom. I really like the google products personally, which is why I selected just those kind of images to show up. The text link thing isn’t working quiet right as of yet, but I’m going to give it a few more days before I futz with it again. Oh — and the tower ad should only show a few categories of ads, technology, games, etc — mostly stuff I talk about (Then again those ads are supposed to be “smart” anyways).

The second type of advertising I’m experimenting with is Amazon Associates. This can be used a number of different ways. Right now I’m using two. One is direct text links. In my previous entries I mention and link to the Dilbert Board Game. This isn’t a normal link to Amazon, its a referral link. Does this make a difference to you, the readers? No. Its simply that if you decide to buy it after clicking the link here, I get a little bit of money (I hope). In the end, it works just the same for you, the readers, and it shouldn’t be a bother at all. The second thing I’m playing with is the “Context Link (Beta)". It is the Orange links. I purposely set those as a color thats off from the site so everyone would know they aren’t normal. They are automagically interested by Amazon, I actually have no control as to what they link. If you mouse over the links for 400ms, a pop up will show up. If you mouse away — it goes away. I hope this isn’t bothersome, if it is, I’ll remove it.

If you are reading this, and have a comment about the advertising — feel free to mention something to me via email ( @ jon ) or leave a comment on the blog (which can be difficult since I have the anti-spam measures cranked WAY up). I’d like to hear what people think. I think the ads are benign, but…. thats just me. Ad’s can be done well I think.

PS — Yes, I use AdBlock Plus on Firefox, which I love. But I’ve turned it off on my site. I may even consider turning off on other small ad supported sites that aren’t intrusive. But I’m sorry, many sites have GIANT intrusive ads or popups.