September 10, 2007

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Yea. I bought a Wii. What can I say? I’ve wanted one for a LONG while now. Oh, and to be fair, its a shared Wii between me and my Mother. Yes, she actually wanted to buy one — she’s seen the advertisements on TV and thinks they are cool. And if you think it is strange to be a grown adult and “sharing” a console with your Mother — don’t. She wont play it that much, and I get bored of toys easily. Plus — I can leave it at her house most of the time and have something to do with her, while I’m there (and still be doing the “spending quality time with the parent” thing). Yea, I’m a gamer, and I’ve got an ulterior motive… But my Mother doesn’t read my blog… so… Shhhhhh.

That aside, its cool. Its not like I’ve never played a Wii before — but the darn thing is just cool. The only major down side I see to it is that, on the networking side, its a complete opposite of the Xbox 360 . The Wii is wireless only with optional Ethernet adapter and the 360 is Ethernet only with optional Wireless. Why is this a problem you ask? Because I’ve got ALL my equipment with in a 6 foot radius of my “central network” so everything is hardwired (gigabit no less). I actually don’t have a WAP setup… I just don’t need it. It seems silly to setup a WAP just for a single console — but it is either that or buying the adapter-y thing.

I only bought one game initially, which is “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess". Probably a poor choice on my part since I’ve never been able to beat any other Zelda game, but this time I made sure to start with the game guide ^_^. The only one thing I’ve noticed about the game that I really don’t like, or at least makes me sad, is that swinging the wiimote for the sword… doesn’t really matter. By that I mean all you have to do is shake the ‘mote and you swing away, and your swing in game has nothing to do with out of game. If you shake the nunchuck, you use a different attack. Add in liberal use of A and/or Z buttons — and you have all the controls. To be fair — they aren’t bad — but it would have been “cooler” to actually effect your swings in game.

More Later! Haven’t had enough play time yet!