September 14, 2007

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The ‘Wiki'

Well. I’m officially announcing the Snowulf Wiki. If you are surprised by this announcement, you are obviously blind because there is a link right below the page title. It has been there for days. Regardless, let me answer a few quick questions, in true Q&A format:

Q: So anyone can update your wiki, Right?

A: Wrong.

Q: So its not a Wiki?

A: No, its a wiki. But only I can change it.

Q: So whats the point?

A: The point is that some things I write about I want to be kept around for easy access, and don’t really deserve a blog entry (Like company reviews).

Q: Can I edit it anyways?

A: No, Anonymous edits are turned off. And before you ask, new account creation is turned off also.

Q: So why do I care?

A: You probably don’t.

Q: Do we have to put up with your bad grammar there too?

A: Actually, maybe not. I hired a friend Grammar Nazi to surf around and correct mistakes — and yes — he does have an account.

Q: Whats the URL?