September 13, 2007

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Exchange 2007 – Address List Service

I was fiddling with Exchange 2007, trying to add some new address aliases and got the following ‘wonderful’ error message: “an exchange 2007 server on which an address list service is active cannot be found”. Great. Care to explain Exchange? No.. Of course not. After some googling and bumbling about, I found the problem (at least for me). The “Microsoft Exchange System Attendant” service was stopped. Start it and problem solved. If that doesn’t work for you, you can check this thread.

I dont know what it is… But Exchange 2007, ever since it was installed… has had services problems. Apparently I have 3 services that don’t start on the reboot of the server — including Info store… which is kinda REALLY important. Sigh.. EXXXXXXXXXXXCHANNNNNNNNNNNGE!!! ::raises fist in air::