September 29, 2007

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Blog Go Boom

So as you may have noticed, my blog got beaten to death yesterday by Digg. It was my own fault of course, but it was a hilarious experiment none the less. I’m taking my weekend off to relax, and play some Halo 3. I’ll be back on Monday with something new and interesting, I promse.

As for my server… I thought I’d share a quick run down of some of the stats I collected. I’m sure I’ll have more info later. But here’s the quick version

Google Analytics Report (For yesterday 2007-09-28):

— 7,095 Absolutely Unique Visitors

— 7,150 Visits

— 72% of Visitors Used Firefox !! (IE got 14%)

My Internal Stats Software Says:

— 218,132 Hits

— 354.29 MB of Bandwidth Used

Just for the record. Thats about 400 times more hits than a normal given day. As its been pointed out though, most Digg users don’t visit more than once. I’ll be interested if anyone stops by again.

Update: Sorry for the Dupe. Don’t know what happened there.