October 10, 2007

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Server Update & Comments

I was fiddling about with the Snowulf Wiki earlier today, updating a few pages. I remember that originally, rather than download the latest release, I checked the wiki code out of SVN — so it was about time for an update. After I updated it, I realized I didn’t have php5-cli installed, and I couldn’t install it… because my server was still running Sarge. Opps. So to summarize, I’m just finishing up the dist-upgrade from Sarge to Etch. If you see anything wrong, let me know so I can fix it. I haven’t seen too many glitches… Yet. Except for that time where I toasted Apache.

Secondarily, as for comments. John and I spent some time playing around with the comment system today and came to the conclusion that I had it locked down a little too hard. I never noticed because I’m always logged in, but he is not. Along with that problem, the system was not sending me comment notifications. Postfix wasn’t running, and I think it crashed during the Digg episode, because I did get some of those emails. Regardless, I’ve got notifications coming in again, and I’ve tuned down the anti-comment-spam measures a bit so that your comment is more likely to get moderated than rejected.

Update 2007-10-12 @ 1208 — Wooo. I think I _actually_ fixed the comments getting emailed to me — which they weren’t again. Up to 31 comments on the Amex article. Oy!