October 8, 2007

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I’ve come to the conclusion (mainly from watching Google Analytics) that there are next to no regular readers of this blog. Most everyone that visits this site on a daily basis, is coming from a search engine (google, generally). Most are looking for an answer to their tech questions, then leave. Thats fine. The other reason I assume there are no readers, is that no one posts in the comments — EVER (besides John, and he doesn’t count).

Unless there is a change in one of the two above, the posting schedule shall be changing. So effective … Now… I’m going back to my “posting when ever the hell I feel like it” schedule. Yea, I’ll still post. I’ll have a big write up every now and then, and hopefully some more tech tips/tricks (but I do less of that stuff these days). The rest of the time… you are Shit Outa Luck (TM)