February 20, 2008

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RIP HD-DVD – We hardly knew ye.

Sad as it is to see, HD-DVD is dead. I think this is another fantastic case of VHS (Blu-Ray) versus Beta Max (HD-DVD) where the superior technical format has lost for some unforseen reason. I’m sad that HD-DVD lost, because that was my favorite format (obviously), but I’m happy that the war is over. I consider myself a techy, and have alot of the latest toys — but I don’t have the disposable income to buy something that might goto waste ala HD-DVD. Now that the war is over, and Skynet has won, I think I may go and investigate Blu-Ray. I’d really like Blu-Ray player for my 360. I know Microsoft will have one out soon enough — MS wants to be the center of our “media centric home theater system” — and high def is part of that. Maybe I’ll convince my Mother to get herself a Blu-Ray player for her birthday and “borrow” it from her.