February 25, 2008

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I dont like the new Gmail

This is something I’ve been meaning to complain about for a while now, but I don’t like the new gmail. If you use gmail, you probably saw the notice a bit ago that they were changing over to some new version. It was “new” and “improved” and to us looked just the same and did nothing more for us. My two major problem is that after this major upgrade gmail didn’t “play nicely” with Firebug (which I have installed on one of my machines for development work), and secondarily — and possibly most importantly — every time I close the tab that gmail is in — it causes Firefox to lockup for about 5-10 seconds. This happens on both of my machines.

I’m sorry google, I love gmail — but you’ve put too much CRAP in it. We don’t need everything stream loaded. How about giving us a choice of what version we want? Other than the “every time you visit you can click this link” option — cause that sucks too.