March 16, 2008

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WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD — That being said, this is a review so that should be obvious.

Doomsday is a post-apocalyptic thriller, sort-a-kind-a.

Basic premise is that there is a virus outbreak in Scotland/Northern England. So like any good government, the Brits build a wall to trap the infected and anyone who might be infected.

Fast forward 30 years or so and an infection shows up south of the wall, no, no one escaped, the infection just did.

Again with the whole wall idea (always with the walls!), however the government apparently found signs of life north of the wall (via a satellite they set to monitor the region), which means that somehow someone survived the plague. Of course, where there are survivors there should be a cure.

As the movie progresses we find that there are two camps of survivors:

  1. The crazy psycho hard core, heavily inked, openly cannibalistic, punk rockers who are setup inside a city

  2. The group of the relatively older, more civilized people who are setup inside a castle

Group 1 is led by Saul; Group 2 is led by Dr. Kane, Saul’s father who also happened to be in charge of the search for a cure.

The humorous part is when Saul is preparing to go on stage to address his people. In order to pump them up they are playing music. The choice of music is basically this happy go lucky tune (that oddly enough is not on the soundtrack) comes on before he runs out to begin his speech.

If you think of Hitler addressing shock troopers to Len’s Steal My Sunshine you should have an accurate picture.

Eventually, the evil government conspiracy (yes, of course there is one of those) is uncovered and revealed to the public along with a survivor which will allow for a vaccine to be manufactured and thus save the world.