Your Real Birthday? Better not be in 1910.

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  1. Jon says:

    Oh, I fully hate myspace. The _only_ reason I have an account is to get ahold of a few other people that have accounts there. As for facebook, I do have an account and I don’t hate it that much. I keep a fairly low footprint on facebook though – my profile is sparse at best and I make it a point of deleting all my posts to other peoples walls after certain periods of time (and clean my own wall very frequently).

    Facebook doesn’t have any other data on me, like searches or online shopping habits – not that I care anyways. I love amazon and while their recommendation system is a bit stupid – its not a big deal. They make money by selling me more stuff – if they didn’t try they wouldn’t stay in business. Very shortly here your entire life will be in one database or another. Might as well get used to it.

  2. I saw in the news that facebook sell your data (online shopping habits, searches)
    They freely admit it, probably deny it now. Facebook and Myspace are evil, its too much like junior high, oooh I don’t like that person anymore they are out of my friends list. Spew, sorry about the rant but haven’t you seen Dateline NBC to catch a predator they all use those sites

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