September 2, 2009

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Paper Boy No Longer

So a couple weeks ago I realized that I had all these credit card rewards that I have never used. Coupled with the fact that I have been wanting a kindle for well… basically since they came out, I decided to trade in some rewards.

So, I bought a Kindle.

I don’t really have first impressions, since I’ve gotten to play with Jon’s Generation 1 and v2 (though not the DX sadly). The only accessory I have acquired thus far is a cover. Jon doesn’t use one, but everyone else I know with a Kindle does.

After deciding on getting a cover, I had to figure out what kind. I have heard less than stellar reviews about the stock cover — things like it causing the case of the Kindle to crack, etc, etc — so I stayed away from that. The M-edge brand came highly recommended, so I investigated that.

Here is what I got, the M-edge Platform Jacket in Black Synthetic Leather. They also have Genuine Leather available for about $15 more, but I liked the look of the Synthetic version. The main reason I got this model was because it flips over like a notepad so that I can set it up on the table while I eat, sparing the occasional finger to stab at the next page button.

It also has a couple pockets, including one that is business card sized (which currently houses one of mine) so I imagine one could stuff a few things in there.

Also, a friend of ours recently got what I am referring to as the Kindle condom, which comes in assorted colors (though not textures)…

It seems to be functional, but it no longer fits into his Kindle cover, but the extra protection seems to be better for him (he made mention that he had dropped his… repeatedly).

Lastly, the title refers to the definition of Paper Boy:

noun, slang, technical. Someone who still reads books on paper instead of an e-book reader.

I’m reading the new release already while my friend the paper boy is still waiting for his copy in the mail.