October 5, 2009

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Review: The Lost Symbol

It’s hip, it’s new, it’s popular, it’s Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol.

The Lost Symbol once again features Robert Langdon, whom we first met in Angels & Demons and followed closely in The Da Vinci Code, which by the way was the correct order. The movie chronology has The Da Vinci Code occurring before Angels & Demons, but that’s the way things go. Da Vinci Code was a much more popular novel, which is why it got made first.

Given how much money both of those made, it is only a matter of time (and I suppose Tom Hanks’ inclination) before The Lost Symbol is made into a film as well.

This review will be spoiler free with regard to specifics.

Once more we open and find that a mysterious man is doing something… mysterious.

Cut to Robert Langdon who is now something of a celebrity these days (and why wouldn’t he be after having been made a spectacle of in two films!) and is suddenly getting a call on his cell from an old friend of his, Peter Solomon, who is in desperate need of his help.

Langdon, of course, comes to the aid of his friend arriving via Solomon’s private jet in Washington, D.C. and oh the hi jinx that ensue!

Thank goodness every single problem in front of him can only be solved by the world’s foremost identifiable symbologist, or the exact field of study of the woman who inexplicably finds herself bound up with him and his quest. Yeah, Greg Dean explained that very well in his recent comic.

The book was as enjoyable as Dan Brown’s other works, though a bit formulaic. I think the “FACT” Brown puts at the beginning of the book attempts to lull you into thinking that more of the events of the book are plausible and have possibly even occurred.

Overall, worth a read, though you might want to get it from your local library. Kindle edition was much cheaper and I don’t really feel the need to own the dead tree version; if you can kindle it, definitely do kindle it.