October 7, 2009

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Review: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Natalie Cox, voice actor and model for your pilot ‘Juno Eclipse’.

The play through on easy mode (whatever the hell they call it) (Editor’s Note: It’s called Sith Apprentice), was… easy. It was a lot of fun. You can do all sorts of cool combos, but basically I just button mash and use Force Lightning. Towards the end I was actually getting decent at using the combo system, but it didn’t particularly matter. After I finished, I figured I’d play through on normal, as is my normal plan for all video games.

Things got dicey rather fast.

I discovered that there are a number of control issues and “interrupts” which go from a minor inconvenience on “Easy”, to freaking mind blowingly problematic on “Normal”. There were several points in the game in which I started getting so angry at the game I just turned off the console and threw down my controller. The control issues I could have gotten past, but some of the “interrupts” get you killed repeatedly and it makes me really, really angry. There is nothing more aggravating that watching you character get knocked over repeatedly, right in a row, and there isn’t jack shit you can do to stop it. Mash buttons all you want, the game doesn’t care.

Eventually, I got stuck in a boss fight I couldn’t beat. I gave up. Games are supposed to be challenging, not aggravating. I may try to go back to the game someday and finish my normal play through, but not any time soon.

Would I buy the game again? No.

Did I have fun on easy? Yes.

Would I recommend it to you? Only if you like aggravating or only plan to play on easy.