October 19, 2009

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Review: Heat Wave

For those of you living under a rock, the ever awesome Nathan Fillion (of Firefly fame) is back at it again. This time he plays “Richard Castle”, a novelist, on a TV series called Castle. As previously stated, Nathan Fillion is awesome, ergo, Castle is an awesome show. Well, props to ABC because not only do they have an excellent show, they are releasing books for it. Not just a book about the series, the book that Richard Castle (the character) is writing while on the series. The book, Heat Wave, is written entirely by “Richard Castle” (the character). All the way down to the dedication being made out to ‘KB’ (Kate Becket, the character in the show) and the acknowledgments in the back talk about his mother and daughter (also characters in the show). It is really… unusual, but super cool. So, about the book.

While I don’t normally read mystery and detective books, I really enjoyed this one. While I’m not an expert, I thought it was very well written. It seems to me that it was probably written by or in close cooperation with the team that writes Castle, the TV show. It has the same tone and humor that the show utilizes, which is a good thing. I think the show is awesomely hilarious, and the book keeps that humor and wit up. Also a really cool continuation of the show is the fact that you can find certain scenes from the show being translated into the written book. For example in one episode Richard Castle asks what they call “bad guys” and the crew lists a bunch of names in an amusing fashion. The book has a very similar scene which, I’m sure if I checked, used most (if not all) of the same terms. Of course the book isn’t just “another TV episode”, it does have a story of it’s own and certain events take place in the book that aren’t in the series. For example, Jameson Rook (Richard Castle’s character) and Niki Heat have sex. Now, I know someone who hasn’t read the book might be a little miffed that I “spoiled” it, but… uh… they talk about it on Castle (the show, talks about the book). Anyways, it probably doesn’t have much to offer in terms of being a ground breaking mystery/detective story, but I thought it kept up well with enough twists and turns and the slow release of clues to keep the reader guessing. More importantly, it keeps you interested and reading for things other than Nathan Fillion, sorry Richard Castle, sorry… Rook being awesome.

The entire thing of a real book being written by a fictitious character from a TV series seems very confusing, but it really isn’t. It doesn’t really matter, because if you like the show Castle, you’ll like the book Heat Wave. So stop reading my dribble and go buy the book.