October 21, 2009

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New column: Food Review

I like to go out to eat. I’ll be honest and admit that I probably go out a little too often. Like most people, I go out when I’m out of town, but unlike most people, I’m out of town about one week a month, on average. On top of that, I go out to eat fairly often when I’m at home. Mostly for social reasons, but partially because I don’t want to cook. It isn’t that I can’t cook, I can, and I’m fairly decent at it… I just don’t like putting on a big production cooking for one person. So that brings us back to the topic at hand… our new column, food review (Editor’s Note: Om Nom Nom)!

How does it differ from regular reviews? It doesn’t really, it’s still a review, but it has its very own category. Most of what gets posted here will probably be Bay Area eateries, and mostly in the Asian vein, because that’s what I really enjoy. I will post some eateries from my travels in different area too. I may also see about tossing in some packaged products too. When a restaurant is involved, I’m going to include more than just how the food was. Service, selection, price, quality… all important things. For Japanese places I’ll have even more, like the quality of their Sushi.

I get mocked by a few of my friends about the fact that I go to new restaurants all the time, but always eat the same thing. They don’t seem to get it, but for me it makes perfect sense. First off, what I tend to order is my favorite, but more importantly, I’ve had those types of food so often, I can really compare and contrast one location over another. Sure, I have my all time favorites, but I’m always open to new and different ways of preparing the same dishes. Plus, once I’ve been there once, the next time I can go back and order something different. I try to make it a point of going everywhere at least twice (time/cost permitting, of course), and I try especially hard to make it twice when I don’t like it. That will also be something important that will be included in my notes, if I’ve been there more than once. Wouldn’t want to give someone a bad rap because they had one off night.

Enough for now, I’ve got tasties to try!