October 28, 2009

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Food Review: Sushi Boat in Temecula, CA

Today’s food review is of the Sushi Boat in Temecula, CA (SoCal, ewwww).

Address: 40820 Winchester Rd, Temecula, CA

Phone: (951) 719-2991

Price: Cheap! My 3 item dinner bento was something like $11. Between Far and I we had 1 large roll, 1 small roll, my 3 item dinner, and a large carafe of sake. The total was just about $40.

Sushi Quality: Good. I had a salmon roll, and it was tasty.

Food Quality: Good. I had chicken teriyaki, tonkatsu, and gyoza and all of them were tasty and properly done.

Food Quantity: Excellent, especially for the price. I expected my dinner combo to be not very much food, but it was. The chicken teriyaki was about about one breast piece worth, same with the tonkatsu, additionally there was 4 smallish gyoza. Of course the dinner also came with soup and salad.

As my companion for the evening pointed out, it had a fairly nice ambiance, for being in a mall. The place had some nice Japanese knickknacks about that looked of fairly decent quality. As an odd contrast along the top of the walls were a bunch of anime drawings, I believe they were fairly high quality doujinshi prints. Lastly, they had at least one TV (and a projector) setup and playing sports. I am not a fan of having TV’s in my eye line when I go out to eat (because inevitably my eye is drawn to watch them), but it is fairly common these days.

Overall, I thought this place place was very nice; the food was good (maybe not the best food I’ve ever had, but still tasty). Most importantly it was damn cheap. I would definitely go back there again. Fortunately, I found out that Sushi Boat actually started in the Bay Area and they have locations in Santa Clara, San Jose @ West Gate and San Jose @ Oak Ridge. Oh, and one final note, while I can’t speak about the Bay Area locations, Sushi Boat Temecula had, in fact, no sushi on boats.