January 19, 2010

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Completed Army of Two: The 40th Day

Last night I finished [AoT:TFD][1] for the first time. I know, it is shocking that a gamer like me would take almost a week to beat the game, but I've got a few good reasons. #1 I was only playing online with a friend when we both had the time. #2 STO took precedence. #3 It is kinda hard to go to another shooter after MW2.

I’ve got to say, my play through experience wasn’t bad, but wasn’t great either. I don’t know if it is because I was playing online, my console, or something else… but approximately half the time the characters didn’t speak. This could range from the simple comments made while the characters were bromancing to when they were in full on explain the story mode. This isn’t a terribly big deal, but I missed a fair portion of the story because of it. On the last level I pointed out the “40th Day” posters to my play through buddy to which he responds “Duh, it’s the 40th day movement, they are the reason for this entire deal”. I had no idea.

I must say that the weapon system was much improved for AOT2 from AOT1 in many respects, but not all. The customization was great and the ability to have tons of different paint jobs was cool but 3 pistols? Come on. On top of that, there was almost zero reason to have a sniper rifle. I realize there are many places it could have been used, but at no point did you actually need it. Plus while the menus were faster, they were still MISERABLY slow compared to any other game.

Last, but not least, the “bonus” for playing AOT1 was total and complete CRAP. When you put in AOT2 for the first time, it detected an AOT1 save, and unlocked the AS-KRI and one other weapon. Sure, Cool. I started a (single player) game, but then immediately restarted because I wanted a harder difficulty and was going to play online. The weapon unlocks were gone. Come on, give me a freaking break, I only get them once? According to the forums, I’m not the only that this has happened to. So much for giving loyal players a bonus.

All in all, it was a good game, not great, just good. The moral choices were… amusing but lame. In the end, even though I was really excited about the game, I feel that I could have waited a bit till the price dropped.