October 12, 2010

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It's Medal Of Honor Day!

Medal of Honor - Limited Edition (IE it contains DLC codes)
Today see’s the release of the new

Medal of Honor game for the Xbox 360 (and other platforms, but who cares about them?). Right this very second it is sitting at my house (since I preordered it a while back), waiting for me to rush home and play it. I’ve never really been into the Medal of Honor series of games, but the reboot seems like it will be rather interesting. I don’t really give a rat’s ass if they enemy are called “taliban” or “tangos” (Editor’s Note: What if they were called… “THEM”? Oh, right, then it would be Left 4 Dead.), as long as I can shoot people. Though apparently calling them the former is great for causing a ruckus.

My one hope is that MOH’s multiplayer will be as good or better than

Bad Company 2’s. While I really enjoy BC2’s multiplayer a great deal, I would like something new. I played the beta briefly and while the multiplayer was fun, it wasn’t quite there. Well, it was “good”, but seemed more of a fast paced COD:MW2, than a big & slow BC2. My personal preference: as long as it is good I’ll play it.