March 10, 2010

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Google Apps users screwed again, still no Google Buzz

If you own your own domain name, you can have Google Apps for your domain. Basically, what this means is you get all the standard Google applications like Gmail, Calendar, Docs and Gtalk, but under your own domain name. It really isn’t terribly complicated to setup and for only a few small time users, it is free. Personally, I think it is great because I like Gmail overall but I’d rather have my own email address than an one. So I use Google Apps for several domains, including my main email/account @

Everything about it works well in my book except for the fact that new features for Gmail tend to lag on deployment to Google Apps. As such, Buzz has been out for over a month now and I still can’t use it on my account. They said (don’t they always) that it would be coming to Apps ‘shortly after launch’ (or something to that effect). Anyways, I can accept several weeks delay, even a month, but that has come and gone and still no Buzz.

I know there were a lot of issues with Buzz’s launch (not every product launch is smooth ::cough::Assassins Creed 2::cough::), but I still think it has potential. Google will work out the bugs and patch in some new features (like a shiny API) and life will be good. Good as long AS THE GOOGLE APPS USERS CAN HAVE BUZZ TOO, PLEASE.