April 1, 2010

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I Hate April Fools

I. Hate. April Fools. Don’t get me wrong, the concept is cool and all but as usual the internet has ruined things. Cute and harmless jokes are fine, but the plethora of fake news stories that come out make it so you can’t use the internet at all on April First of each year. In 2006 Slashdot changed their theme to “pink ponies” amusing and harmless. In 2009 Wikinews (by way of me) turned into “Canada’s Wikinews — The free Canadian news, Eh?", some didn’t appreciate it, but still completely harmless. In 2009 and again this year in 2010 Wikipedia puts up a main page that looks fake, but is actually really all valid information — again harmless. Google announces its name change to Topeka, hilarious and harmless.

All the websites putting out fake news, fake stories, fake anything and try to pass it off as real… die. Please just die.

So today as with 2008, I’m taking the day off.