April 5, 2010

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Crashed WonderCon 2010 this weekend

Remember. Breasts + Comic book nerds = EXTREMELY popular

In case you were unaware, this past weekend was WonderCon 2010. For those that don’t know, WonderCon is the little sister to ComicCon, one of the hugest comic book expos anywhere. WonderCon still shines on its own though. There is a TON of stuff going on, a ton of panels, and unfortunately a TON of people.

This is what a metric ton of nerds looks like.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as much of a nerd/geek/whatever as a lot of these attendees. I watch my anime, I (religiously) quote my favorite scifi shows (Shiny!) and even have the occasional uber awesome figurine. That being said, anyone who’s been to a con knows that there are people who attend these cons that lack proper hygiene. When people pass you and their putrid stench lingers on, you’ll understand why people are a bad thing. Plus there is the occasional cosplayer (or not so occasional) whom you wish you could un-see. Sadly, this tends to be more true of the ladies than the guys, simply because there are some women who weigh far too much and wear far too little. Plus, I hate people.

Possibly some of the best Army of Two cosplayers I’ve ever seen.

People aside, it is quite an event. I’ve been to Fanime and that is a big deal for anime geeks, but WonderCon is definitely a MUCH bigger event. Awesome people like Adam Baldwin were there. I wish I could have gotten his picture, but frankly I didn’t feel like fighting the crowd to get nearby. Frankly, I’m not a comic book junkie, hell I barely watch them when they come out in movies. I’m sure if John had gone, we would have lost him for the entire weekend. Such is the price of living in a remote wilderness area. Maybe next year.

Oh, and I might go to ComicCon this year. That is supposed to be even more insane on every level.