April 9, 2010

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Ride Friday: People trying to KILL ME

I got TWO god damn blocks from my house before idiot tried to kill me.

This sums up my feelings about riding motorcycles a lot of days. I mean, I occasionally “joke” about people always being out to kill me when riding a motorcycle… but it really is true. I behave nicely when I ride (most of the time). I don’t lane split through traffic at 90 miles per hour, I don’t cut people off… I just generally play nice. Yet every single time I go out it seems like someone is trying to take me out. Sure, I have incidents in cars too, but motorcycles are so much worse. It is like everyone on the road has a pathological need to ignore you if you aren’t driving something A) bigger than them or B) more expensive than them.

Now I’ll be honest, it isn’t every single time I go out, but it sure feels like it. Recently I’ve had two very similar incidents of people trying to move into my lane while I occupy it. The first was getting on the freeway, the person crossed the double white line (because the lane hadn’t completely got to the freeway) right in front of me. Luckily there was plenty of the space on the shoulder for me to go. The second was in regards to that twitter message above. I had got all of two blocks from my house, was in the right lane to turn right, and someone in the left lane decides they are coming over right as I’m there. I held down the horn as I passed (was the most logical course of action due to speed/position/etc), continued all the way past them… and they were still merging. They didn’t stop trying to kill me till I was long gone.

Moral of the story: People suck.