April 20, 2010

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How to Export Contacts from Outlook 2010 (Beta)

You’d think it is fairly easy to export something in Outlook 2010, but apparently Microsoft has decided that anything that isn’t in a ribbon should be completely counter intuitive. So here’s how to export:

  • File (tab)
  • Import (Yes… Import)
  • “Export to a file”
  • Next
  • “Comma Separated Values (Windows)”
  • Next
  • Select your Contacts folder
  • Next
  • Select where you wish the exported file to be and named
  • Next
  • Finish
I don’t know why you have to go into “Import” to do this. They have plenty of space on screen, it could easily be named “Import/Export”. Heck, the description doesn’t even mention exporting. Hopefully, this will get fixed before Office 2010 gets released.