May 10, 2010

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To keep Facebook, or delete the account

One question that has been in the back of my mind recently is: Should I delete my Facebook account?

I was never a huge Facebook fan to start with, but everyone is on there. I hardly even login these days, maybe one every other day, depending on how I’m feeling. Once I tried to use it for an “event” and by the end of it I wanted to gouge my eyes out; it wasn’t pretty. Really, the only reason I keep it is because my Twitter is connected to it. A lot of my friends don’t twitter, but they do Facebook — so FB is how they get my status updates. I don’t think too many people really care about the miscellaneous crap I post on Twitter, heck, I know for fact that more than a few of my friends have me “hidden” on their update lists. In the end, the extra exposure to the blog (for which I basically don’t make any money), is the entire reason I keep it around.

But… we’ve all read the news about the security/privacy concerns of Facebook. I’m not naive enough to believe that my “info” is safe normally, but when your online life hangs in the balance of Zuckerberg not going nuts… might be time to rethink things. Hell, just writing this I sadly realize that I’m older than that nut job (not by much, not much at all, but I am). Obviously privacy is a big deal in the online world, but true anonymity is a fairly new concept historically.

In the end, I don’t really care if you know where I went to high school. It was a hell hole, just like every other high school is, no matter how good or bad it is — we hate them. I just don’t want my entire life sold out from under me for nothing. Now if you’re giving me free email, free document storage, and basically free everything… be my guest, sell better advertisements based on what you’ve learned about me. At least I’m getting something out of it.

PS. I foxtrotting hate those god damn applications in Facebook, especially the games. Those are an entirely separate security/privacy nightmare (Which I don’t use for a reason).