May 11, 2010

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A regular sleep schedule sure would be nice

My sleep schedule most of the time is a little unusual, but fairly simple. 2 am to 10 am. I found out at one point in time that I wake up extremely easily at 10, and am generally ready to rock and roll. Recently, that hasn’t worked out so well though.

I spent the last week up in Tahoe. When I’m up there, I actually need to be in the office at a proper time, so I have to get up at 8 AM. That’s fine, but I don’t easily get off one schedule and on to another overnight (it’s kind of like jet lag). So I have to drug myself (Editor’s note: Jon is talking about regular OTC medication. Disclaimer: Jo(h)n/Snowulf is not providing any suggestions/recommendations on what you should do if you have trouble sleeping.). Sometimes too much drugging, sometimes not enough… and then things start going sideways. Of course, just as I start getting used to it, I get back home… to resume my normal sleep schedule.

Unfortunately, my schedule is broken. I find myself tired at strange times, and not tired when I should be. Attempts to medicate have, so far, only managed to push me into sleeping through my alarms. I’m hoping to get off the meds and get back onto a regular schedule, but it is quite frustrating in the mean time.

Most problematic is the days with too little sleep. I’m an angry bastard most days. Then you compound a lack of sleep, which is an instant recipe for me being grumpy… I am anger incarnate. So far, today is looking okay; let’s just hope you don’t catch me on a bad day…

Then again, given the popularity of my Vitriol articles, maybe you would like to catch me on a bad day.