May 18, 2010

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Vitriol posts are an interesting thing.

Let me share a bit of history for those that don’t know me. When I was young, that is to say very, very young (IE up to about 2nd grade), I was a very angry child. I was what they call a “Roman candle”, the littlest spark would set me off into a huge storm of rage. By about 3rd grade I realized this was a problem (yes, my little 3rd grader mind actually worked on this kinda thing) and I spent a long time working to calm myself. Since that time, I tend to be a calm and laid back person… Until you get me angry, then I’m still a roman candle.

That’s where the humor of writing the vitriol posts comes for me. Most of the time I’m calm and want to stay calm. Occasionally, I can get my self riled up and angry about a topic, but I’d rather not. So while these vitriol posts seem to amuse everyone and are very popular, they won’t be getting any more frequent. Really, most people don’t like to be needlessly angry and I’m no exception.

The second portion of writing them is that it is quite amusing to me just how very therapeutic it is. Most of the time it is too therapeutic. By the time I get done writing one of my angry posts, I’m generally completely calmed down. Take yesterdays entry for example. It takes me a while to get all my anger down onto the computer in a semi-directed fashion. Between the time taken, and the therapy of writing itself, I was 100% calm and collected afterward. In fact, I’m writing this post directly after that one.

While I dislike doing so, in order to keep the vitriol post nice and hateful, I have to force myself to keep angry. Sometimes it works, sometimes it is a switching for more of a low loathing with some extra swearing. I feel bad, but I want to be honest with those that read it. Plus I’m curious, is it obvious? Maybe If I start calming down, I should go play the game that pisses me off some more… give me more to be angry about. Or maybe when I start to get calm, I should just add a conclusion and call the article finished (even if somewhat abruptly).

Anyone have a preference?