May 20, 2010

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Twitter to Gateway

If you’re predominantly a user of (or any StatusNet install), getting your messages to Twitter is a piece of cake. All you need to do is login, go to Connect, then go to Twitter. Enable and your done.

If you’re like me and predominantly on Twitter, getting your messages to isn’t nearly as easy. That being said, I’ve found a blog post which explains a fairly simple way of getting your messages over.

  1. Sign up for/sign into TwitterFeed
  • Create a new feed
  • Name it what ever you like
  • RSS Feed URL: (Change USERNAME_HERE to your Twitter username)
  • Open Advanced Settings
  • Change “And post up to” to 3
  • Change “Post Content” to “Title Only”
  • Uncheck “Post Link”
  • Continue to Step 2
  • Open “StatusNet”
  • Fill out your information, finish the process
  • All done! Now all you need to do is wait. If all goes well, your Twitter messages will start to be copied over to automatically. TwitterFeed isn’t exactly the most timely and reliable service, but it is less work that rolling your own setup. The only “flaw” is that you can’t turn off posting of replies like you can on Ident->Twitter. One important item to remember: You must have the push to twitter turned off. Otherwise the messages will loop infinitely.

My initial tests have been, so far, positive. You can see I posted a message on Twitter (via TweetDeck, because TD sucks and STILL doesn’t support StatusNet) and about an hour and a half later was posted to (via “twitterfeed”). So yay! Until the TweetDeck developers get off their lazy asses, I’ll use this solution for