May 27, 2010

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Why I hate Apple: Lack of keyboard shortcuts

So here I am, trying to re-create a playlist in an iPod that isn’t “in sync” with my current library. If I plug in the iPod, iTunes will tactically nuke it from space. My only option is to flip through each song on the iPod while simultaneously searching for it on iTunes. This is extremely annoying, and one of the many reasons I freaking hate iTunes, but that’s not why I’m bitching today. Today, my issue is the lack of keyboard shortcuts. Here’s what I’m doing step by step:

  • Press next on the iPod to get the next song name.
  • Grab mouse, navigate over to the top right to the search box
  • Move over to keyboard, type in song name
  • Grab mouse again, grab song, drag it to play list
  • Rinse, Repeat
Why, for the love of god, can some of this not be done with keyboard shortcuts? I’m “only” transcribing two playlists (80 songs in one, 53 in the second). My wrist started to bug me by #50 of the first playlist, really started to hurt me by #15 of the second list. I’ve got to take a break for a few minutes. If iTunes had even some shortcut keys that could eliminate some use of the mouse, this wouldn’t be such a big deal.

I know technical users such as myself are “keyboard ninjas”. We can get all around any useful operating system and application strictly sans mouse. It isn’t because we abhor mice from our Linux upbringings, we simply can get there faster with the keyboard. I’m not even asking Apple to make them readily apparent to the user, god forbid someone using a Mac has to even look at a keyboard. I know it would blow their little minds and destroy their tiny worlds to have a second mouse button.

God forbid the rest of us get something done…