Monthly Archive: September 2010

Stargate Universe Season 2 arrives with a whimper 3

Stargate Universe Season 2 arrives with a whimper

When Stargate Universe was first on the horizon, I had high hopes for it.  After all Stargate SG-1 was awesome, and Stargate Atlantis was just as good, if not better (Editor’s Note: We like to pretend that Stargate Infinity doesn’t exist).  Unfortunately, my high hopes for the new series were not to be realized in the first season.  I’ll give a new show a chance though, because sometimes they just...

Change of Blog Schedule 2

Change of Blog Schedule

For a while now we’ve been posting 5 days a week at 10am.  This has worked fairly well for us, but as of late it has gotten a bit sticky.  We find ourselves having to “cheat” more often on the times of the posts.  As such, John and I have decided to push the posting time from 10am to 3pm (PST).  I really liked the idea of posting in the...

Quick Review: Sipdroid 2

Quick Review: Sipdroid

At work we’ve been playing with SIP softphone clients. There are a number of remote workers and this would be much more convenient for them to use than something like Skype. Of course, first I had to fix NAT/SIP issues which is another post for another time. Today’s post is about a softphone client I tried out on my Nexus One (aka The Google Phone). It is called Sipdroid, and...

Prevalence of Free Wifi 0

Prevalence of Free Wifi

These days, traveling is really quite easy. Sure security is a bit of a hassle, but once you get through that, you generally have access to a plethora of food/snack options and possibly more importantly (especially for business travelers/techies), free WiFi.

Fresh Install on Alienware M15x 0

Fresh Install on Alienware M15x

Whenever we get new machines for the office, Jon will reformat and reinstall them to get rid of all the “crap” that they are shipped with. Normally, this is a good thing as it will make let us start fresh, however sometimes this can cause problems. The first problem I ran into was after using my newly configured laptop involved it slowly dying. It started with the machine locking up...