Stargate Universe Season 2 arrives with a whimper

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3 Responses

  1. John says:

    Alas, SGU is no more (official word came out awhile back). Maybe the next Stargate reincarnation will revolve around the stargate a bit more.

    Until then, hopefully they will work on getting out the first SGA movie and the next (and probably last) SG-1 movie.

  2. Robert Rohde says:

    Interesting. I thought this was a big improvement over some of the rather bad episodes in the latter half of last season. I came away hopeful, though it still isn’t great.

    Oh, and according to the in-show timeline, TJ was 22 weeks in episode 1.15 and conceived before coming to Destiny. If we assume roughly one week in-universe between episodes, she’d be about 2 months early. (One could argue that she didn’t really have as large a belly as she should have, but that would seem to be a different problem.)

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