$800 in Apple Tax?

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  1. brion says:

    These things vary a lot, depending on which models you compare and how many of the spiff features you throw in; my Dell workstation cost about the same as a similarly-specced Mac Pro tower I also considered last November… both would be absurdly overpowered for most uses, and I’m sure a lot of that cost was in the CPUs and RAM… but I could have shaved some off the price by dumping features from the Dell that Apple wouldn’t have let me opt out of in a custom build.

    In laptops, Apple tends to have higher prices but MUCH higher build quality on the medium-low end (I’m loving my MacBook Pro 13″!), and kinda plateaus out on quality but still keeps higher prices on the medium-high end where you’re looking :)

    For me, Apple’s usually still worth it for a laptop for the extra operating system (-> full dev test environment on the go) and the small comforts that Mac OS X still has over Linux, such as external monitors Just Working. (Linux/X11 has improved a lot but still requires manual intervention on that. :P)

    • Jon says:

      What? External monitors not Just Working under Linux?! LIES!!!! LIES AND SLANDER!!!

      Ok, so I’ll have to go back and compare against other Macbook models, see how much the difference is. And yes, you could shave features in dell that apple wouldn’t have, but this config was trying to get the identical – just for price comparison.

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