Calling ING Customer Service

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4 Responses

  1. Neil Urquhart says:

    Calling what ING calls Customer Service is completely pointless! After 2 years of asking for a $5,000 loan (fully paid) to be closed they still refuse to close the account. Recognizing that their service model is completely useless, they were wise not to build branches or customers would have somewhere to go to resolve an issue.

    I would recommend ANYONE avoid dealing with ING for any reason, however while on the line with Customer Service you might trying sticking forks in your eyes … it is both more enjoyable and productive use of your time.

    • John says:

      That sounds a bit odd. Are you saying that it is still open because it shows up in your account list? Because if that is the case, that is how many services operate.

      For instance, if you have a direct student loan, and then get a consolidating loan, the original loan still shows up as on your account. When you eventually pay off your consolidated loan, both it and the original show up there.

      I guess I just don’t understand what you are complaining about.

  2. wil says:

    Dude, I think this Kate chick wants to have sex with you.

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