April 29, 2011

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Another reason why Woot.com is Awesome

I just got a package from Woot.com. I didn’t even think about it as I opened it; it had my name on it, so I opened it, simple as that. Inside was a Best Buy Gift Card.

“Huh,” I thought to myself, “I don’t recall ordering one of these.”

The message (which was in nice cursive handwriting) said:

Thank you John!

Jumbo woot

The first thing I did was go onto the various woot sites (

woot, shirt, wine, kids, and sellout) and check My Account to see if I had ordered something recently, but that was not the case (last thing I had ordered was Books — No Electricity Required from shirt.woot.

Then I started to wonder how much it was for, so it was off to BestBuy.com to check the balance. I was floored when I saw it was for $50. I immediately started googling to try and figure out what happened (as I assumed this was a mistake).

Guess what? It wasn’t. This deals.woot post explained it all. It seems that because I had posted a popular deal during March, I got a free gift card to Best Buy. I read through this post and saw some of my fellow recipients also chiming in, my favorite response was this one by bravo6:

I got the gift as well, I was totally confused by it. Wrote woot on twitter saying I had received this but with no idea why, their response was that they were still trying to learn the ins and outs of the nigerian prince scam haha.. too funny

Though the one by jumbowoot also made me feel all special inside (and no I’m not being sarcastic):

Wow! That was quick!

I want to thank the community as a whole for all of the deals posted. Our audience is growing and having good deals around for everyone to participate in encourages real folks to come back every day. I wanted to send out an extra special thank you to the members who posted a deal that the community deemed popular back in March. As I was signing them, I was reminded that each of you are more than just a userID on a deals forum. There is a face, and a voice, and a job, and a home on the other end and I found myself even more grateful that you chose to spend some of your time with us.

Thanks to all.

All told.

In closing, I am a very happy camper and still completely flabbergasted that I got a $50 gift card for just sharing a deal.