Filing a claim with FedEx or What the hell happened to my TV?

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  1. Sicario Fuller says:

    FedEx is a real piece of work. They swindle people out of legitimate claims and they deny everything. A billion dollar company that doesn’t treat people fairly. FedEx, you are a real piece of shit as to how you treat your customers. Pay people what you owe them!!

  2. Heathermyralynn says:

    Im going through the same thing with usps they damage my package it was my computer i had put insurance on the package file a claim and they denied it twice how can they get away i sent them all. The request information because they say i have to file online send pictures of damage and proof of postage and proof of purchase and value and they still denied my claim i feel like I been scammed i try calling all the news station but no help usps insurance is a scam

  3. Dusten says:

    So i am in the same boat as everyone else. Shipped a commercial coffee machine, it arrived to the buyer damaged. The odd thing is in the pictures the buyer sent me i noticed that the packaging had been modified. They put their own banding on it for some reason, also the plastic wrap i had it it in was hanging off of it. I am going to keep calling them til they reverse the decison or small claims court is in the future. IF anyone has some tips for small claims court please let me know.

  4. Keke says:

    I bought a rug from Overstock, which was delivered torn by FedEx. Keep away from those bums

  5. Hey so I also fell prey to Fedex. Except they couldn’t decline me based on packing – I paid for THEM to pack it!

    They packed two computers with paper in a big box. No styrofoam, no bubble wrap – just paper. The package came with visible damage (a big hole in the side), the computers were massively damaged with giant dents, and visible damage was done to the motherboards, etc. Ends up being about 1000 dollars worth of damages.

    I filed a claim, documented everything, and got denied because they claim they inspected the package and found no damages somewhere along the line. I got a one-line thing saying “we inspected the package and found no damage.” Well I still have the box right beside my bed and the giant hole as well as the dented cases (which I can no longer close) beg to differ.

    I filed with the BBB and if that doesn’t work, I’ll destroy them in court. I want to do as much damage to the company as I can if they keep denying me, so I definitely plan to hire a nice lawyer and pile on the damages and legal fees for them to compensate.

    Fun other fact – they shipped a suitcase as well to me. That arrived with, somehow, the outer pocket ripped open. They’re ‘investigating’ that claim, even though they admitted it was damaged to me over the phone. I can’t help but wonder if they’ll deny that one too.

  6. Lindy says:

    We shipped a porcelain sink and it arrived broken. Robert Minger at Fedex denied with the same denial as others got. Plus they were slow in even responding to my claim. We are now escalating with them and hope to avoid small claims court, but if i need to go that far, I will.
    From FEDEX:
    I do apologize, however the above claim was declined due to insufficient packing. Based on the inspection report, there was not enough cushioning around the items to protect them in transit. I also reviewed the photo provided and unfortunately, nothing in the photos would show this to be incorrect. I can only see the package lined with cardboard. Due to the fragile nature of the merchandise, you would need inner packing that would provide cushioning.

    Based on the information provided, we must respectfully maintain our decision.

  7. alan paladino says:

    Who is the person at fedex authorized to receive legal summons for small claims court, and what is their address for service?

  8. L.Ward says:

    I have a Major problem with Fed Ex right now, I had a cell phone shipped Nd I insure it for 1,000.00. Well Fed ex didn’t believe there was damage to my phone, so they sent out an inspector to take pictures of the damaged phone and would get back to me. Well it’s been since November that this has all taken place and last week I receive a call saying that there was no proof of damage to the box, and that my claim was being denied because of no pictures of the box. Well the inspector did not take any pictures of the box. But when the claim was initially submitted I sent in the pictures of the damage to box with my original claim. But since the inspector failed to submit more pictures my clim was denied. I was then told to take they aged box into a fed ex location near me so they can inspect the box. Now this morning I get a rude call from a fed ex claims representative telling me that they inspected the box and because the shipping label was ripped when open and they can not visibly see the bar code that my claim has been denied and to take it up with the 3rd party fed ex shipping location where my package was sent from. So now because I didn’t open the box the right way and the shipping label was ripped during that process not making the bar code visible means my claim is denied!! How is this legal or fair! Am I able to take them to small claims for this! What about my damaged phone forget the label that should be the least of anyone’s concerns, that is clearly the box it was shipped in, and you can clearly see the original packaging and shipping label is intact. What am I to do now, it seems as thought they care about the shipping label being ripped and not the damaged box or my broken 1,000.00 phone inside of the damaged box! Someone Please Help With Any Suggestions.

  9. N. Binkley says:

    i am getting ready to file a claim for a KITCHENAID FOOD PROCESSOR and i sincerely hope i do not receive this letter as I ship many many items with ebay and I will blog until Fed x is a household name …and I might even contact our local tv channel …they love running stories like this…..

  10. Ajay says:


    I have the same issue with my Sony LED. Fedex damaged it during transport and technician confirmed it’s uneconomical to get the internal display fixed……still awaiting to hear back from claims.

    Wished I had read this site before using Fedex…..

  11. Kwabena says:

    These morons sent me the same generic letter and my claim amount is $990.15. I’m headed to court for this one. This Tina Havelka claims rep is very unprofessional. Fedex messed with the wrong individual…I’ll fight till i can’t walk again

  12. Kay says:

    Just finished dealing with FedEx Claims dept. They honored my claim after weeks of arguing. Don’t back down and be a hassle. They denied my claim three times but guess who has the check now? Every time I called and had something else to complain about the CS Rep would say “Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. I will make a note in the account.” I would ask what they were going to do about it and after being transferred to multiple people (none of which could furnish an answer.) They told me that it would be kicked up to management for review and I would be contacted within 48 hours. Wll 48 hours later I had a message from the manager saying that “Hi Kay, I took a look at your claim and we’re going to go a head and accept it.” No reason for accepting it AND she didn’t leave her call back number so I know she just didn’t want to deal with it anymore:) Be tough and don’t take no “stuff” !

  13. rachel says:

    Hi everyone I have a few questions….here’s my story…I’m 26 years old and my biological father sends me Christmas gifts every year…since I’ve been born. I currently live in California but used to live in Tennessee…and he lives in Oregon I never had any problems getting my packages when I was in Tennessee but currently living in California where as it was only supposed to take three days it actually never got here…so I’ve already talked to claims and the Guy told me I would get denied so there was no reason to try. Cause o wasn’t the shipper.

    • John says:

      Rachel –

      If you have a tracking number and it shows as lost on the shipper’s site, you can definitely make a claim.


  14. E J says:

    FUCK FED EX. I am waiting for a package in Portland Oregon, sent from Dallas TX. My package has been sitting in Los Angeles CA for 3 days not with no movement. I called and spoke to some Fed EX moron and this is normal. Meanwhile my package delivery date has been moved out another week. It will be three weeks if they deliver it on that date. Fuck Fed EX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Flint says:

    Rick: Did you have any luck with the lawsuit? They destroyed a fragile and very expensive piece of my lab equipment and won’t pay for it. I think I might do the same thing.

  16. Rick says:

    I received a letter from FedEx today requesting MY photographs of the shipment I took prior to the shipping. Being in Risk Managment myself, I know to document everything.

    They want my pictures and I told them “No!” as it should be protocol for THEM to document each claim denial “if” they actually did inspect my package as they said they did.

    I told FedEx they can see my pictures during the discovery process of the court hearing.

    My claim was only for $163.75, but I’m going to seek an additional $500.00 in punative damages and I’m going to show the Judge a link to this site so he can see that I received the VERY SAME LETTER as John.

    FedEx messed with the wrong person. They should have sent me my $163.75 back, but now it’s going to cost them more in Administrative paperwork and to send a representative to court.


  17. John says:

    My story gets even better. After talking with Woot, they filed their own claim, which FedEx also denied. In addition to that, FedEx cannot tell either of us where the TV is. I never got it back; Woot never got it back.

    If you proceed with taking FedEx to court, I’d love to hear how that goes.

  18. Rick says:

    I recently submitted a claim to FedEx and received the exact same letter as John – word for word.

    I’m taking FedEx to Small Claims Court in California.

    What’s the use of buying insurance if your claim is going to be denied automatically?


    • celeste Pafford says:

      Hi Rickm I know this thread is rather old, but did you ever sue Fedex? I am looking to take them to small claims court from their bloomington warehouse. A worker there opened up our package which was 1900.00 worth of silver coins, and they stole then and replaced with lug nuts to the person we shipped to…Fed Ex could care less, and our only recourse is small claims court, but I am having a hard time finding who to serve.

  19. John says:

    I just sent an email over, thanks!

  20. kristy says:

    Sup, I’m from Woot CS, we can definitely help you. Email us your username or order number? We may have more in stock, so please let us know if you’d prefer that or a refund.

  21. kevin says:

    You would get more help from Woot, they can file the claim. I’m sure they’ve dealt with that before.

    [email protected]

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