Monthly Archive: November 2011

Do not install Windows 7 via USB 3 4

Do not install Windows 7 via USB 3

Recently, I was trying to install an Intel 320 SSD into my Lenovo X220 laptop. Since the X220 uses the a 7mm tall 2.5″ HD bay, this is annoying. Once I got the SSD drive trimmed down a few millimeters and installed, I had to re-install Windows 7 and this is where things went screwy.

Happy Thanksgiving 0

Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, regardless of what you’re doing. I’m sure most of you are out with friends and family – which you hopefully enjoy! I’m plunking about at home, relaxing, and enjoying a few days off. My vote is for teriyaki chicken and cupcakes over turkey and stuffing… but to each their own.

First impressions of the Kindle Fire 0

First impressions of the Kindle Fire

Well, it took a while (because Amazon screwed up), but I finally got my Kindle Fire. When it was first announced, I was very excited and ordered it promptly. I continued to be excited about it up until Amazon screwed up my shipment repeatedly. Even through all my trials and tribulations, I was happy to finally get the device and put my grubby little paws on it. So here are...

Black Friday Deals 0

Black Friday Deals

Amazon (as has become usual) will be doing Black Friday Deals Week. As has also become usual, many of the major retailers (and e-tailers) have published information on their “doorbusters” and big ticket items ahead of time.

Jon’s DSLR Buying Guide: Part 3 – Accessories 0

Jon’s DSLR Buying Guide: Part 3 – Accessories

This is part of a multipart series on buying a DSLR. For the camera, see Part 1 or the Lens, see Part 2. Once you’ve bought your camera and your lens, you’d think you were done, but like anything remotely expensive and/or complex – there’s more! Of course, cameras have a thousand different accessories, bits, boggles, and doodads that you can buy. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should...