Amazon Cloudplayer for iOS (iPad) is useless

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  1. ATT says:

    there’s no way to downgrade your baseband in any way
    you can update to 6.15.00 if yours is made before week 28 of 2011

  2. Venugopal says:

    I totally agree with the above comments. There is a way to let the iPad/iPhone go to sleep though. Just hit the home button to minimize safari on the iPad and let it go to sleep. The music pauses for a second and continues playing. It doesn’t stop when the iPad goes to sleep now!

    • Jon says:

      Yes, I experimented with this a bit when I originally wrote the article. Sometimes I could get it to keep playing in sleep mode, sometimes it would play for a (seemingly random) period of time and sometimes it would just die. At least to me it was far too unstable to be worth futzing with constantly.

  3. Liamland says:

    There is almost no information on this topic, besides this blog, but I completely agree. It is incredibly frustrating to use the Amazon Cloud player using the iPad Safari browser. I wish there was a way to connect to my cloud drive via the Music player, and just play/stream the songs directly off the drive.

    And I’m not switching to Apple’s cloud, simply because they’re selfishly preventing an Amazon from publishing a cloud player app, under the guise of Apple’s closed-source, competitive business model. I buy all my digital music on Amazon, and to transport it to another cloud or device is an even bigger annoyance than not having the service at all.

    So we’re at a stalemate until Apple either changes it’s business model (don’t hold your breath) or Amazon updates their cloud player to fix the iPad-specific bugs (which could conceptually be accomplished by having the Cloud Player detect for Safari on iPad and somehow disable the iPad’s hibernation…the faster battery drain would be a small price to pay, in my opinion.)

  4. Snobius says:

    What you say is absolutely true with regard to using Amazon’s “music player workaround” URL (not a program! a URL!) on the iPhone.

    I can force it to play music sometimes, but it hiccups and burps in a dozen unlivable ways.

    And this failure is not specific to my particular iPhone. …It’s DESIGNED to behave this poorly. (You know that warning we get that the CloudPlayer URL is not designed to work with the iPhone? Well, they really mean it!)

    Is Amazon’s iPhone URL music workaround better than nothing? Yes, in one regard: I can at least get it to play a long playlist, and if I set that to run through its paces without touching it, it may work. But it’s an extremely punishing experience at best — and impossible to tolerate as a day-to-day music player. Sadly, I’ll have to begin migrating to Google Music now.

    Do we know who is responsible for the lack of an iOS app? (Is it thanks to Apple, or thanks to Amazon?)

    • Jon says:

      I suspect that the lack of app is probably on Apple’s side. I’d be really surprised if Amazon didn’t kick one out purposefully and lose such a huge market. They have to know that their own web player sucks on the iPhone/iPad.

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