December 15, 2011

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Amazon Cloudplayer for iOS (iPad) is useless

I have all my music uploaded into Amazon Cloudplayer because I buy my music predominately from Amazon. On my computer, Cloudplayer works just fine, except at work where my docking station messes with my laptop’s sound. On my Droid 3 the Cloudplayer app works fantastically (other than my headphone port being broken). So when I wanted to get some work done in peace, I figured I’d give Cloudplayer on the iPad a shot. Major mistake.

There are exactly 4 reasons why

Cloudplayer for iPad is a piece of shit, let me elaborate.

#1 — There is no App.

Not having a dedicated app sucks. Unfortunately, the iPad is not a real computer and basically requires that you have a dedicated app for any task you want. Especially since you can, with a dedicate app, get decent OS integration.

#2 — You’re forced to use Safari

It should be obvious now that if there is no Cloudplayer app, you have to access it via browser. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a nice browser like Skyfire because Cloudplayer simply doesn’t work in it. Now, I’ve gone as far as I can to hide Safari on my iPad, so I really dislike having to go dig it up.

#3 — It’s glitchy as hell

I’ve only been using the iPad Cloudplayer for about 20 minutes and it’s already glitching on me. For example, sometimes it won’t load when you scroll. Most recently it’s stopped moving to new songs. So once you’re current song completes playing… you get to listen to silence. It’s little things like that which make it a bit frustrating.

#4 — When the iPad turns off — so does your music.

Fan-freaking-tastic. If I turn off the iPad (so I actually have some battery), the music stops. If I leave the iPad to idle off, the music stops. Now I’m leaving Safari open, so that’s not an issue. It simply will not keep playing if the iPad turns the screen off. So I have to keep the iPad within arms reach and poke the screen every minute or so. I could turn the idle off time way up, but that would kill my battery when I want it to idle off. If one leaves Aafari and then turns the iPad off, it works… sometimes. Once it worked fine, once the music volume was cut in half, yet another time it played for about 15 seconds and then stopped.

In summary — Cloudplayer for the iPad is totally, utterly and unequivocally useless.