Greenshot – The most amazing screenshot app ever

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2 Responses

  1. Peter says:

    I have been using Greenshot for some time now and it is brilliant, but it stopped working for me all I was getting was a black screen.
    Browsing Microsoft answers others had the same problem and there was a fix, go into Rapport console dashboard – next page – edit policy – block screen capturing – drop down box – click never and save reboot.
    This did the trick and I have my Greenshot back, when I replied to Microsoft answers with what I had done they said you should keep the screen capturing blocked as information could be hacked, so I have changed it back and have no Greenshot.
    There must be hundreds of users out there with Greenshot surely they do not all have the same problem, the strange thing is Greenshot worked fine for many months and I did not even know about the changes you can make in Rapport.
    Kind regards.

    • Jon says:

      Ah. Rapport security software. Never used it but if they are blocking screen shots, that makes sense it would break Greenshot. That being said, you cannot be hacked simply because you allow screenshots. However, if you get a virus and/or get hacked, they could steal personal information with screenshots.

      I vote meh. Screenshots over Security.

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