Good or Evil? Battlefield 3 Shortcut/Unlock Bundle

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8 Responses

  1. jacob says:

    iv been looking for atleast 5 hours for the fricken reedom code and it pulls this site up so where is it

  2. jesse says:

    How the hell do you get them to work i downloaded the shortcuts but it didnt unlock anything

    • Jon says:

      I presume by “downloaded” you mean that you purchased the unlock for whatever platform you’re playing on? As for getting them to work, there is nothing to do. Which ever kit your purchased, you’ll now have access to all the weapons / etc as mentioned above. However if you did something like buy the assault kit, when you’ve already unlocked all the guns for assault… you’ve wasted your money.

  3. Potatohead says:

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY suck at BF3. I mean pointwise I do okay because I do objectives, but I get like 3 kills a round and die 12 times for it! I just started the game last week, so I will give it a little more time to learn the game. But, before I quit playing altogether in rage, I’ll get one or two kits and see if it helps…………….

    • Jon says:

      The unlocks will give you a leg up on other equally skilled players because you can pick whichever gun suits your play style the best. If you’re not great, I recommend you spend time with all of the guns and see what floats your boat. Also which classes work better for you. On BFBC2, I rocked the sniper/recon. On BF3, the Assault fits with me much better because of the unlimited ammo (otherwise I’m always running out).

      Regardless, the REALLY shiny weapons are not purchasable anyways, you have to unlock em through he assignments.

  4. Austin says:

    If you just get one kit such as air vehicle shortcut kit does that kit unlock all items or just only certain i wanna know before wasting money.

    • Jon says:

      If you get the vehicle kits, it unlocks all the upgrades for those vehicles (TV missiles, ECM, etc). If you get one of the class kits, it unlocks the weapons (no attachments) and gadgets.

      Note, there is no way to “buy” the general unlocks. So you can’t buy the P90, VAL, squad X, etc.

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