Monthly Archive: July 2012

A newbie’s review of Defcon 20 0

A newbie’s review of Defcon 20

This past weekend in Las Vegas saw the yearly formation of a hacker mecca, namely Defcon. Since Fred told me about his Defcon trip a couple years ago, I’ve really wanted to go. I don’t consider myself a hacker, though what they talk about does fascinate me… and affect me professionally. I was lucky enough to get to go this year through work. Defcon is a 4 day hacker extravaganza...

Making a bootable USB drive of OS X Mountain Lion 0

Making a bootable USB drive of OS X Mountain Lion

As of this morning, OSX 10.8 “Mountain Lion” is out. It’s a whopping $19.99 on the App Store and a couple hour download (depending on your internet connection). If you’ve got multiple machines to install, or just like to be prepared, you can make a bootable USB thumb drive of Mountain Lion. It’s really easy, in fact it is the exact same process as making USB drives for 10.7.

Getting to know the Google Nexus 7 0

Getting to know the Google Nexus 7

I’m in an abusive relationship with Android. I love her, so I buy her. For a while things are good, then I slowly realize she’s gotten slow, kludgey and prone to crashing. After constantly abusing me, I swear I’ll never go back to her. Then the new hotness shows up, I forget my promise to never go back to her… so I buy her again. Over and over the cycle...

Review: MacBook Air 2012 0

Review: MacBook Air 2012

Well it’s 2012 (in case you haven’t been paying attention for the last several months), which means there is a new MacBook Air to review. The new version has been out for about a month now and I just got my hands on a couple to play with. This year’s review of the MacBook Air is going to be much shorter than last years. While I normally don’t summarize my...

Helpdesk with HelpSpot 3

Helpdesk with HelpSpot

For the last several years I’ve been using RT: Request Tracker by Best Practical for help desk ticket tracking. It’s not a bad piece of a software, and V4 was a fair step forward… but you get what you pay for. RT is Open Source and free. At my new job I was in need of a ticket tracking system, so I went looking for something new, something better, something...