April 16, 2015

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A wild author? Welcome Josh!

In this edition of “spot the newbie”, I’d like to introduce Josh (aka @snofox) to our ranks. John and I, mostly the “I” have been a bit remiss in content over the last year so we’re hoping Josh’s addition will spice up the ranks a bit. While you’ve already met Josh once or twice before, he does deserve a proper introduction.

I met Josh about 18 months ago now when he made the silly mistake of agreeing to work for me. His slavery to me and the IT department has been well appreciated and educational. He has a great aptitude for all things technology, however he fancies himself more of a “server” guy. A few months ago he slipped away (quietly in the night, because there is no other way to slip away) to the Technical Operations department where he now assists in running the Okta product.

In his free time you’ll find him often gaming (like the rest of us), though he’s heavily into Minecraft. He still often assists me with IT crazy schemes (for fun), so his posts will run the gamut. Maybe one day he’ll even write up his memoirs on how to escape a boss (quietly in the night). Until then, enjoy his first post today.