July 31, 2015

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Quick Review: Klipsch Image S4i Rugged

For about a year now I’ve had a set of the Klipsch Image S4i Rugged earbuds and it is high time they got a quick review. I’ve had some of the other Klipsch earbuds and while they’ve worked well, they’ve all eventually failed on me. Normally this would be upsetting, but as I wear my earbuds a great deal, often when doing things like riding my motorcycle, their death is expected. Regular earbuds just don’t handle water and incremental weather. However the S4i have survived quite well.

As is Klipsch style, the “i” in S4i means these earbuds are designed for iPhone/iDevice. You could plug them into an android but the buttons would not work. Unfortunately, Klipsch does not make an Android compatible version like they do with their normal earbuds (at least that I could find), so Android users are out of luck.

If you like in-earbuds while you participate in more rigorous activities, these are the units for you. Not only is everything built a little “heavier duty”, the control pad is much larger than normal with very large buttons… in other words it’s a dream to operate even with heavy gloves on. They even come in 4 lovely and sporty colors, which normally I don’t care about, but I do love my red accessories. They’ve survived me for a year, which is better than most earbuds, so I strongly recommend giving them a shot.