AWS IoT Hack Series with MediaTek LinkIt One

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4 Responses

  1. Rui Peng says:

    You are doing so good.
    It seems that the Hackster community is being tortured by AWS IoT MQTT library and the MediaTek developers have less time to answer questions on their forum, since they are always busy in developing new boards.

  2. Zeshan says:

    Hi Jon, It is a great article, full of information. Can you help me in staring AWS IoT.

  3. Adam Benzion says:

    This is a fantastic write up. Detailed, clear, technically accurate. if there is an interest to share it with our community on, with reference back to the blog, we’d be delighted. We will even send you a box of goodies to keep you happy and geeking out for a while ?

    Good work!


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