May 17, 2016

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OpsCrash Episode #2 – SPDY is great, HTTP2 is greater

We’re back with Episode #2 of OpsCrash. This week we had some great conversations about a variety of fun topics, including: Why you should definitely store your passwords in Git; The GitHub master race; Everyone always follows the RFC spec, so lets add more cache-controls; Using SPDY because its better than HTTP2; and lastly the future of DevOps is literally yelling at your server. Some of these topics were a lot of fun for us, especially when discussions of SPDY led us to discussing the best browser in the world (Safari), so the run time comes in right about 32 minutes. Go grab a snack and listen up!

The articles & links:

Listen to Episode #2 below or listen on SoundCloud. You can find us @opscrashio on Twitter or OpsCrashio on Facebook