May 10, 2016

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OpsCrash Episode #1 – A podcast introduction

Welcome to OpsCrash Episode #1, our brand new podcast that covers all sorts of things: technical operations, devops, servers, hosting, production architecture/systems, IT, and the occasional bonus content. While there are a lot of technology podcasts out there already, we felt that the genre of “running the product” was woefully undeserved. Our goal is to provide you a top quality podcast with content you want to hear, every week — so we’ll need your feedback!

This episode was recorded by Josh and I on Sunday, May 8th with a 22 minute run time. Being that it is our first episode there might be some rough spots, but we’re going to work them out with your help.

Topics for this episode:

Listen to Episode #1 below, or visit OpsCrash on Soundcloud. Tweet us @OpsCrashIO or comment below. If you don’t say something, we’ll assume you love us as is!